Psychological Wellness for Children and Families, Inc. and Associates


Our professional staff and Associates include: Licensed Psychologists, Licensed School Psychologist, Mental Health Counselors, with varying specialties. Many Associates are Independent Contractors sharing space. We specialize with children, individuals, and families, including:

Individual, Group, Marriage and Family. Ages range from infancy to adulthood, including: Play Therapy, Behavior Modification, Cognitive-Behavioral Techniques, and other therapy treatments as appropriate for the individual’s needs: ie. Grief, Eating Disorders, Stress, Marriage Counseling, Depression, ADHD, Anxiety and treatment for victims and abusers.

Psychological and Psycho-Educational Evaluations:
Including: ADD/ADHD, Personality, Intellectual (I.Q.), Academic Achievement, Mental Health, Evaluations for Diagnosis and Treatment planning.  
Psychological Evaluations for Medical Purposes
(ex. bariatric)

Forensic Psychological Evaluations and Consultations:
For ex. Parenting Plan/ Custody Evaluations, Child Abuse/Sexual Abuse, Civil Litigation, Incapacity, Guardianship, Competency, Expert Witness Testimony.

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